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The Hawkins Photograph Collection

The Special Day

Apsley? early 1900s




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These two photographs come from a collection of 7 linked pictures taken in the early part of the 20th century - possibly in the Apsley area of Hemel Hempstead. See The Hawkins Photograph Collection for details of the process of trying to identify them.

  As many of the people in these two photographs appear to be wearing the same cloths it is assumed that the two pictures were taken on the same day.

Picture No 3.

A carefully posed group of people, possibly taken in a garden, with an old lady, apparently in widos's weeds in a central position. Was this some family event such as a special birthday  for the old lady?

Picture No 4

Clearly a special outing (involving more people that the previous picture) with some on cycles plus a horse-drawn omnibus. It is on an identical mount to Pictures 2 and 3

Examples of same people, same clothing


The other pictures in the collection
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