The Grand Junction Canal

A Highway laid by Water

Ian Petticrew & Wendy Austin



A very detailed study with many picture and reprinted extracts of relevant material.


A Major New Publication about the Grand Junction Canal

The book "The Grand Junction Canal" by Ian Pettigrew and Wendy Austin has just appeared - and is a very significant document recording the history of the canal (now normally referred to as the Grand Union Canal). In addition to a detailed history of the canal it contains many old photographs, maps, and extracts from original documents and newspaper articles - together with references and footnotes. I have created my normal reference page, to help people to discover the book - but will not be writing a detailed review at the present time - because the book (340 packed pages of A4 text) is available online - and you can see what a valuable reference work it is by looking at it yourself.

When I find time to complete the canal pages on this web site, and to post even more modern photographs of the Canal and its branches in within 10 miles or so of Tring, I am sure I will be including many references to this work.

from Hertfordshire Genealogy News



  1. Transport Evolution

  2. The Parliamentary Hurdle

  3. The Canal Builders

  4. Canal Engineering

  5. The Personalities

  6. The Idea takes Hold

  7. The Construction Project

  8. Braunston Junction to Marsworth Junction

  9. Marsworth to Uxbridge

  10. Uxbridge to Brentford and the Paddington Arm

  11. The Years of Decline (1)

  12. The Years of Decline (2)

  13. The Grand Union Canal Company (1929-1947)

  14. State Ownership

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