The 1911 Census

Midnight Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1911

And the 1939 Register

Old Herts

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The 1911 census is available at Ancestry, FindMyPast and many other collaborating web sites. Unlike the earlier censuses the records are copies of the actual forms filled in by the households.

Because of the 1920 Census Act the 1921 census will not be available until 2022. The 1931 census returns were destroyed by bombing in the 2nd World War, and no conventional census was held in 1941.

However in September 1939 a register of all the 41 million people living in England and Wales was drawn up, recording names, addresses and occupations and this was used during the war the basis for rationing and identity cards, and after the war by the National Health Service.

This register is available on the FindMyPast web site from 2nd November 2015

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