Thank You

The following letter was sent to the Bucks Herald and the Gazette but only the former printed it

The Bucks Herald

Wednesday, February 13, 2002


We would like to thank very many people who have helped us following the death of our daughter Belinda. We particularly include our many friends in Tring, at St Peter & St Paul and the High Street Baptist Churches, and those at the charities National Mind, Mind in Dacorum and the Aylesbury Clubhouse. We also thank Belinda's many friends who, through their friendship and support, helped her over many difficult years.

We also wish to thank the many professionals who have contributed to Belinda's care. We realize that working in the caring professions is tough and with hindsight it may be possible to have done better. We all need dedicated professionals who help people in need. Many problems have arisen because the mental health services have been under-resourced for decades. The way forward is to determine what went wrong and to learn the lessons these sad events have taught us all. The Government's National Service Framework for Mental Health provides an opening for putting better systems in place. We must all use this opportunity to ensure the provision of even better services for the future.

Chris & Helen Reynolds