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Apsley Envelope Mills

Social and Dance

17 Jan 1931




Hemel Hempstead


Life is full of ephemera - everyday things we take for granted and throw away when we have finished with them. As such they rarely survive but if they do they can fill in details of your ancestors everyday life.


Do your old family files contain programs of events thet your ancestor may have attended - or even helped to organise?


John Dickinson & Co. Ltd  was a major employer in Hemel Hempstead, and social activities for its employees were a regular feature. This document is the programme for a major event under the direction of Sydney Jerome. If your ancestor worked at the Mills did they go to the event, or were they one of the entertainers?

Part 1: Baritone Songs - John Lovering; Entertainer - Will Kings; Trumpet & Post Horn Solos - Louise Selkirk; - Comedian Leonard Henry; Baritone Songs - John Lovering; Comedy Impressions - Alec McGill &  Gwen Vaughen.

Part 2: Eric Ross and His Dazzle Girls in a Cabaret. [This document survived because it came from the collection of one of the leading dancers, Dot Brierley] with the music of Sydney Jerome's orchastra.

Dance Programme: Music by Sydney Jerome's Dance Band.


For the history of John Dickinson & Co see The Endless Web



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