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If you are looking for anyone who is still alive, or information about people, places or events which will be remembered by people who are still alive, the best approach could well be to write an interesting, and not too long, letter to a local weekly paper. Many local papers run a "nostalgia" column or publish extracts from the paper 25, 50, and 100 years ago - together with queries from readers. If you can sell your request in an interesting way, and especially if it could lead to a "successful result" - which the newspaper can claim as due to its help - there is an excellent chance of getting published and seen by many more people than would see a posting on the internet.

To find out which papers cover the area you are interested in you should consult Willings Guide - which you will find in most reasonable reference libraries. It is also worth surfing the net using a suitable search engine - as many local papers now have web pages, which will include the email address of the newspaper editor.

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