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The Armed Forces in Hertfordshire

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Under Development

The aim is to develop this section incrementally to provide more comprehensive cover by August 2014, the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War

This site already contains about 100 pages relating to the Military Services and life in Hertfordshire during the wars.

You can access the material currently available from the menu on the left.

Because of my interest in the First World War, and the mass of information I collected for the book, The London Gunners come to Town, which was never used much of the military information on this site relates to that war, and became rather untidy. Work has started on reorganising these pages and bringing in more information.

Stage One has involved setting up a Military Home Page page and menu (this one) and three subsidiary groups of pages, each with their own menu

Military Books will provide information on published books relating to Hertfordshire and new references will be added as needed. It will also cover CDs and online digital books and web sites where their content is appropriate. Suggestions for books, CDs, web sites, etc to be added will be welcome.

The Terriers in West Herts in World War 1 provides a brief introductory history of the Territorial Army in the area from the outbreak of war until they sailed to the front. It is an illustrated talk and you can either step through it - or selected specific pages from the menu. Some of the pages require extra supporting text, or links, and this will be done as part of the normal development of this site.

The London Gunners come to Town is the title of a very detailed study of Hemel Hempstead in the First World War. This section gives an overview of its contents, illustrated by selected extracts, with links to other related material will be associated with the relevant chapter.

For the time being other pages connected with the First World War can be accessed through Other Links while plans are drawn up to introduce some material on other periods.