Later Troops at Watford, 1916+


Royal Field Artillery

Photographer: H R Cull

Negative Number 6080


Note the bugler is holding a cat.


Infantry, ww1, post card by Cull, Watford, London Regiment, Middlesex Regiment  

Post Card by H R Cull,

169 St Albans Road, Watford


Plate Number 8073


The Plate number mat indicate a date of 1916 or later.

  Middlesex Regiment


City of London Regiment (1, 2 , 3 or 4)

The soldiers in this photograph are wearing three different cap badges, which can be seen in the three soldiers sitting in the front row. This suggests that the soldiers come from three different regiments, The Middlesex Regiment, the City of London Regiment and a circular badge which could be the the 5th City of London Regiment - perhaps the same badge as the soldier in Cull 8439.


Unknown young Soldier

Photographed by H. R. Cull

Plate No 8439

Unit unknown and the cap badge very overexposed  but could it be the 5th City of London Regiment???


All but one soldier is wearing the Middlesex Regimental cap badge.

The soldier seated left has the above, unidentified, badge


1   My Darling Wife. Just a line to you dear hoping you are going on A1, Do you know anyone on the back. I think we are shifting from here soon, somewhere on the seaside. I want you dear to send me about 15/- if you can manage it. I am a bit short in my kit & I shall have to make it up before I go. They charge you so much if they make up the thing for you. You must keep back the money from the P.O.  I dont like to ask you for it but it can't be helped dear. I shall be glad to shift from here. ...

Message no 1 - presumably several cards sent in one envelope.

H. Cull, address as above, No 9162

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