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How to Shoot Straight at St Albans

From the Herts Advertiser, 13th January, 1900



Last week we published a letter from Mr Thos H Scruby, who has shot for fifteen years at the annual meetings of the National Rifle Association at Wimbledon and Bisley, stating that he was desirous of placing his experience as a practical rifle shot and his knowledge of musketry at the services of gentlemen who have volunteered for active service in the Volunteers or Yeomanry. In response to his letter a meeting was held at the Bell Hotel to further the interests of rifle shooting. Sergt Hulks having been elected Chairman, Mr Scruby explained to the company his object in asking both Volunteers and civilians to meet that evening. In the first place to endeavour to revive the present St Albans Rifle Club and get back to its old form of three years ago, when it was the most successful and flourishing Club that they had ever had in this county. Secondly he would like to see some efforts made to secure a range for the town. Mr Scruby called attention to two sites in the neighbourhood of the Hempstead-road and Gorhambury, and one site near Colney Heath, if the consent of the landowner and tenants could be obtained and the necessary fund could be raised, and he was quite sure both were possible if they continued to try. He was quite prepared to give some explanation of the use of the Lee-Metford rifle to the Volunteers who had joined the Yeomanry for the Cape, but time did not permit. He had drawn out a few useful hints on rifle shooting, which would be of great service to gentlemen desiring to learn to shoot, and he would be pleased to send a copy to anyone who would apply to him for same, free of charge.

The following resolution, proposed by Mr Scruby, and seconded by Mr Whitelaw, was carried unanimously: “That a deputation, headed by Capt Braithwaite, wait upon the Mayor of St Albans asking him to call a public meeting to further the interest of rifle shooting in St Albans, and with a view of securing a local range.” Several gentlemen spoke on the subject, and a vote of thanks to Mr. Hulks, the Chairman, brought the meeting to a close.

The above is followed by A FEW HINTS UPON HOW TO BECOME A GOOD SHOOT and signed T H Scruby, Late 3rd Herts Rifle, 21st Middlesex Rifle, and 1st City of London Rifle, Winner of Queen’s Badge, 1889.

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