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John Dickinson's Paper Mill at Apsley

From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette

 28th June 1890



Hemel Hempstead



REV. D INGLES -- The sermon at the evening service at St Mary's, Apsley, on Sunday last, was preached by the Rev D Ingles, Vicar of Witham, Essex, and formerly Vicar of Apsley. He had been the guest of Mr and Mrs A H Longman at Shendish for a few days, and paid a visit to Apsley Mills on Saturday Morning. He appeared to be in excellent health and spirits, and it was remarked by some who had the opportunity of conversing with him that he still manifested that geniality of manner which rendered him so popular during his residence at Apsley.

APSLEY MILLS -- To inaugurate the new management at Apsley Mills, Messrs John Dickinson and Co., we are informed, have resolved to invite the employees to a tea on some afternoon in July, to be followed in the evening by a musical entertainment. It will, no doubt, prove to be a most successful and interesting gathering. An influential committee, consisting of the Superintendents of the various departments met at the Dining Room on Tuesday evening, when it was decided to appoint sub-committees to assist in carrying out the arrangements on the occasion. The musical entertainment will be under the direction of Mr S H Baughen, assisted by a committee. We understand that it is the intention of the Directors, accompanied by members of their families, to inspect the works on the same day. The event, coupled with the handsome donation given by the firm to the Excursion fund, will doubtless still further cement the bond of union happily existing between the employers and the employed. The date fixed upon is Friday, July 11th, and the employees from Nash and Home Park Mills are also included. Representatives from the leading London "Dailies" will be present including an artist from the staff of the "Graphic".


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