The Berkhamsted Girls High School holds a Fair

From The Hemel Hempstead Gazette
28th June 1890


Old News


FANCY FAIR. A fancy fair was held in the Castle Grounds on Wednesday in connection with the Girls' High School, the object being to provide a library and art room for the School. The weather was charmingly fine, and the gay little stalls arranged round the grounds, together with the lady attendants in fancy dresses and the beautiful surroundings, made a very charming picture. Miss Disney, the Head Mistress of the School, the Assistant Mistresses, and the Pupils generally, devoted themselves to the work, and were assisted by outside friends in their somewhat ambitious but successful venture. The stalls were -- Flowers and work, attended by Pupils dressed as flower girls; Fancy Work, by Shepherdesses; Bonbons, by Norwegian Peasants; Art, Greek Costume; Livestock, by Milkmaids; Dolls, by Miss Smith Dorrien; and Refreshment Stalls attended by Mrs and the Misses Granville, Miss Barclay, and Miss Streetfield. The dresses of the stall holders formed a prominent feature.

The Berkhamsted Volunteer Band was in attendance and played selections in the centre of the grounds. Scenes from "Alice and Wonderland," also a short concert, were given by the Teachers and Pupils, assisted by various Ladies. Other money making proceedings were improvised. The sale was opened by Mrs Granville at 3 o'clock after a few remarks by the Rector, and continued until 9 p.m. There was a good attendance.

The stall holder were -- Art, Miss Disney, Miss Booth, Miss Young, Miss Clegg; Bonbons, Miss Katie Sharp, Miss Kathleen Strouts; Fancy Work, Miss Ethel Neal, Miss Gertrude Gadesden; Flowers, Miss Berry; Plaim Work, Miss Maud Simpson, Miss Annie Loosley; Live Stock, Miss Florrie Phillips, Miss May Faville; Miscellaneous Stall; Miss Gwynedd Thelwall, Miss Elsie Strouts. Major Granville, one of the Grammar School Governors actively assisted; and there were also present the Rector of Berkhamsted, the Rector of Northchurch, Mr Henry Nash (Governors), and Mrs Smith Dorrien, Mrs Granville, and Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hobson (Lady Governors).


Miss Charlotte E Disney
Headmistress 1888-1897
from Berkhamsted School for Girls

The school was only 2 years old when the above Fancy Fair was held.

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