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Highways Board - Hemel Hempstead

From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette

 28th June 1890



Hemel Hempstead

Highway Board. --- A Meeting of the Highway Board was held on Thursday, when there were present --- Mr Balderson (in the chair,) Mr Randall, Mr Leno, Mr W. S. Elliott, Mr G Field, Mr G. Young, Mr F. Saunders; Mr Lovel Smeathman, Clerk. In reference to a minute of the last meeting as to payments made by the County Council to Highway Boards, Mr Randall stated that at a meeting of the Highways Committee of the County Council held on Monday last, it was resolved that the Hemel Hempstead Board of Surveyors be allowed the sum of 20 for superintending the main roads in the district during the current year. A letter was read from Mr A. P. Tomlin, of Boxmoor, complaining of the water being blocked in front of his residence by the raising of the footpath with gravel; and it was resolved that Mr Randall and Mr F Saunders meet the district Surveyor on the spot for the purpose of inquiring into the ground of complaint and to take such steps as they may consider necessary in the matter. Another letter was read from Mr Lord, complaining of the state of the footpath in St John's Road. Mr Leno called attention to the large number of men employed on the roads at the present time in comparison with the number employed at the corresponding period last year, there being 17 now employed at a cost of 11 1 2 for the previous week, whereas there were only six employed in the corresponding week of last year at a cost of 4 2 0. The labour book was examined by the Chairman, and it was ascertained that the extra number and expenses were partly accounted for by the re-laying of the footpaths in Marlowes, and that the services of one or two of the men on the roads might now be dispensed with, and this was accordingly agreed to. It was resolved that the next meeting of the Board be held on the 31st July.

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