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Hemel Hempstead Gazette - 28th June 1890

Theft of String at Northchurch


June 25th

Before T. Gooch, Esq., in the chair; J. Marnham, Esq., and Captain Cooper.


George Hedges, of no fixed abode, was charged by Mr Frank Bedford, of Northchurch, with stealing 3 balls of string and 4 lbs. of kale seed on the 20th June.

The prosecutor, a farmer and water cress grower of Northchurch, stated that about 1 p.m., on Friday, the 30th June, the prisoner came to him and asked for work. Prosecutor told him he could not give him any, and he went away. On the opposite side of the road he had a store, where he kept string and other articles. About 6 p.m., he was shown by P.c. Perry four balls of string, which he knew to be his. The value of the string and packet of seed stolen was 1 8 8. The prisoner was an entire stranger to him. The string must have been stolen that day.

Further evidence was given by P.c. Perry, Samuel Bennett, and James Taylor. The Police constable found four of the balls of string in the prisoner's possession on the towing path, and the other balls and the seed were found hidden in a hedge, where the prisoner had been seen previously.

The Bench convicted the prisoner of stealing the four balls. There were a number of previous convictions against him; and as they were read out by the Deputy Chief Constable, the prisoner protested his innocence in each case. One of the previous sentences being seven years' penal servitude for house-breaking, the prisoner would have the court believe that he had been a very ill used man.

Sentenced to 3 months hard labour.

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