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The Hemel Hempstead Wool Fair

From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette

 28th June 1890



Hemel Hempstead

The Hemel Hempstead Annual Wool Fair was held on Friday, when there was an unprecedentedly small quantity pitched, and everything about the proceedings was very quiet. Apparently many of the farmers prefer to sell their wool at home, otherwise it is difficult to account for the decline which seems to have overtaken this once large and important Fair. There was the usual attendance of buyers - Messrs Halstead, of Bradford [Yorkshire]; Mr Knight, of Amersham [Bucks]; Mr E. E. Unwin, of Watford; Mr Crabtree, of Leighton [Buzzard, Beds]; and Mr Franklin, of Hitchin. The whole of the wool brought in was pitched in the Market House, the Corn Exchange not being required. Mr S. J. Blackwell, of Harrow Weald [Middlesex], sent the largest quantity, viz. 340 fleeces; and among others we noticed the names of Mr W. Gadsden, of Nettleden Farm, 255 fleeces; Mr W. Ellingham, High Street Green [Hemel Hempstead], 197; Mr Henry Betts, of Kings Langley, 100; T. F. Halsey, Esq., M.P., 157; Mr Henry Taylor, The Hall Farm, Studham, 146, Mr James Blacknell, Potten End, 140; J. E. Bickinson, Esq., Potten End, 135; Mr H. D. Woodman, Elephant Farm, Hemel Hempstead, 115; while Dudley H. Ryder, Esq., Mr N. W. Robinson, R. Blackwell, Esq., Mr Jackson Harris, and a few others, sent smaller quantities. The price for good qualities was from 23/6 to 34/- per Tod [a bale of wool - probably weighing 28 lbs].

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