Factory Act

Mr Miskin fined for "employing" under aged boys in his brickworks,

From the Luton Times

 2nd September, 1876



St Albans

The Factory Act

Christopher Miskin, builder and contractor, Rome-land, St Albans, was summoned ... for having, on the 5th of August, at Sandridge, employed George Slough, a child under 13 years of age, ... making bricks, before the hour of six in the morning, ... on the 15th of August, at his works at Sandridge, employed Robert Bacon, a child under the age of 13 years, for a period of more than 6 hours.

Pleaded guilty in both cases.

Defendant: I do not engage the boys. The men are engaged on piecework and they engage their own boys.

... The people who have an interest in breaking the law are clearly the parents in this case ...

Fined 15s in each case.

George Frederick Slough (born 1866 in St Albans) was the son of Frederick Slough, brickmaker, and in 1881 George was a brickmaker living with his parents in Grange Road, St Albans.

Robert Bacon (born 1867) was the son of George Bacon, brickmaker, and in 1881 Robert was living with his parents in Cross Street, St Albans and his occupation was given as brickmaker's assistant




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