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A Guide to Old Hertfordshire

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The above map has been produced by the "My Map" facility of Google Maps to show a series of pictures of Hertfordshire - mainly postcards from the early 20th century. The title of each pane may be used to look up the place in the menu on the left.

By using the controls in the top left corner it is possible to move across the map, and to zoom in and out. (This can also be done directly with the mouse). It is also possible, using the buttons in the top right, to select satellite views or modern roads.

Work in progress: This web site has grown incrementally since 2001 and is continually being updated and improved. While some towns and villages have their own dedicated menu, at any one time some pages are in the process of being upgraded while others are awaiting a through spring clean.



Mauve pins - Old Towns with several ancient parishes.

Blue pins represent Parish Churches (with dot - ancient parishes before 1800.)

Green markers represent other buildings or places (with dot if before circa 1800.)

NOTE: Most pins point to the name of the town, village or hamlet, and not necessarily to the exact location of the subject of the picture.

A review of all the links from this map is underway, and a few pegs do not have an associated picture. See the editorial blog for the latest update news.

January 2010   Page Created
March 2010   Work in Progress note added
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