George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) moved to The New Rectory (now Shaw's Corner) at Ayot Saint Lawrence in 1906 and the extracts below come from his last completed work. He took all the photographs himself and wrote the rhymes shortly before his last illness. He left Shaw's Corner to the National Trust and it is open to the public.

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George Bernard Shaw's House 

< This postcard "The Chucker Out" shows George Bernard Shaw at Shaw's Corner shortly before his death.

His house became the property of the National Trust and became a place of pilgrimage, as this "The Bernard Shaw Special" ticket shows.

Extracts from Bernard Shaw's

Rhyming Picture Guide to

Ayot Saint Lawrence


Pass on; and with delight behold

Our Abbey Church, five centuries old


Here Ayot Cottage you may witness

And marvel at its names unfitness

For cottagers can not afford

In such a style to bed and board

  This hall The Manor House is called,

Edward the Sixth its lord installed.

No lord can now afford to dwell there

And guarantee the building's welfare

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