St Mary the Virgin



Parish Church Baldock - Valentine Post Card 57693
Baldock Church Valentine card 57692 JV [1907]
[Also know in monochrome]

St Mary the Virgin Church. Rev. Canon John Damett Nairne M.A. rector & surrogate; Rev. John Maryon-Wilson M.A. curate. [Kelly's Directory, 1908]

"A poor card - but the only one obtainable. I was shown over this church by a very kind gentleman who gave me an invitation to visit him whenever I pleased ---. The church dates from 1330 and is a foundation of the Knight Templars. It possesses a fine screen in which shields of the Knights Templars in miniature are placed." >>>

Parish Church Baldock - Valentine Post Card 57693
Baldock Church
Valentine card 57693 JV [1907]

[Also published with frame]
Note the wooden grave board in the foreground, and two more in the distance. Few such boards have survived anywhere in Herts.

Interior of Baldock Parish Church

Interior, Parish Church, Baldock
Published by H. Reed, Tudor House, Baldock.
RA series - circa 1925?

H. Reed, stationer, White Horse Street. [Kelly's Directory, 1922]

St Mary's Church, Baldock  
[manuscript note: Dec 1937]

Baldock Church
Valentine card  41578 JV [1903]


Also issued as an uncoloured picture

  Street View showing Baldock Parish Church
Lych Gate, Churchyard, Baldock  

Lych Gate, Baldock
posted 8 June 1916

To: Mrs T. Chapman, 2 Regents Parade, Harrogate, Yorks.

My Dear Dorothy.   I have left Haynes Park and at present am at Baldock, my address is 54 A.L.S. Baldock. Will write & give you all the news tomorrow, Love Tommy

This would appear to be from a soldier, posted to Baldock (for training?) writing home to his wife.

Church and Lichgate, Baldock

J. Brown, publisher, Baldock

Posted 1909 (early divided back)



Brown, James, printer & stationer, & postmaster & sub-distributor of stamps, & collector of imperial taxes, White Horse Street, Baldock.

Kelly's Hertfordshire Directory, 1908

  Lych Gate and Parish Church, Baldock
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