Berkhamsted Schools


School & Quad, Berkhamsted - Posted 1907
Loosley & Sons, Stationers, Berkhamsted

The School Room, Berkhamsted School
Valentine card 39167 [1903] Posted 1907

Title: Berkhamsted School Chapel - Publisher: Looseley & Sons, Stationer, Berkhamsted - circa 1905
Berkhamsted School Chapel 
Loosley & Sons, Stationers, Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted School Gate and Chapel

Incents House, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire - Card by Buchanan

Incents House, Berkhamsted - Card by Buchanan, No 44246

School Chapel, Berkhamsted School

Berkhamsted School Chapel 

Book: Dr Fry, a Study of Thomas Charles Fry, Headmaster of Berkhamsted School 1888-1910

 See: Graham Greene at Berkhamsted School in 1917

Literary Connections of Hertfordshire - Spotlight on Evelyn Waugh - in Hertfordshire Countryside, September 2006


Girls High School, Berkhamsted 
Loosley & Sons, Stationers, Berkhamsted - Posted 1907

Book: Berkhamsted School for Girls - A Centenary History 1888-1988

Girl's High School, Berkhamsted
Valentine's Series - posted 1904
Posted by James Wilson, Willow Cottage, North Church, Birkhampstead

Girls playing Hockey at the "Girls Grammar School"
Card by Rush & Warwick, Art Printers, Bedford, circa 1906



The Chapel, Thomas Coram School, Ashlyns, Berkhamsted
T.V.A.P. post card - undated

The school, which was originally in London moved to Berkhamsted in the 1930s and closed in 1954.

The building are now Ashlyns School.


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