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Bishops Stortford

The Pageant

George V Coronation Day

June 22 1911


These post cards show the pageant that was held at Bishops Stortford on 22 June 1911 to celebrate the Coronation of King George V.


[Queen Boadicea on her chariot]

Pageant at Bishop's Stortford

Photo by M. Bruxby, Bishop's Stortford


Mrs Mary Bruxby, Photographer, 5 Bridge Street, Bishops Stortford

Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, 1912


Their mouths are open as you will see. They were shouting "Revenge - Revenge" very loudly

! ! !

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To Mrs Bolt [sic], Dallonce [sic] Farm, Waltham Abbey, Essex


Dear Mother,

I have not been able to write before but have been rather busy. This is where I spent part of Coronation day.

With much Love



Posted Bishops Stortford

July 5, 1911

 The Pageant, June 22, 1911

[? Coronation of  Queen Elizabeth I ?]


No publisher information]


Percy Bott was born in 1891, his parents being Matthew & Elizabeth Bott, Dallance Farm, Galley Hill Road, Waltham Abbey. Essex


Tell me if you can identify any of the people in these pictures.


Sources of further information

These spectators may well be looking at the program for the Pageant - and HALS has a bundle of documents reference DP21/29/5 that contains "programme for Jubilee and coronation celebrations, etc., 1887-1911" which may well include a copy.

There will also, almost certainly, be further information in the local paper.

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