Bishop's Stortford

Bishops Stortford

South Street and Church Street

Potter Street, Bishops Stortford

RA card - circa 1920s



  Church Street




Bishop's Stortford, South Street
No publisher information - card printed d inland postage
Date 1915/6: The posters are for the film "The Eternal City," released in the USA in April 1915. The Empire Cinema was at 20 South Street, next to the Working Men's Club, and was open between 1912 and 1916 - see The Funeral.

Filmed on location in Rome at a then-staggering cost of $100,000, The Eternal City was based on the best-selling historical novel by Hall Caine. Pauline Frederick emotes convincingly as the mistress of an Italian prime minister. When another of her lovers kills the man who tried to rape her, the woman nobly takes the blame. The resulting scandal causes a political upheaval, which was then and is now nothing new in Italy. For all its splendour and spectacle, The Eternal City is often brought down to nickelodeon level by the unimaginative direction of Edwin S. Porter, whose style hadn't developed much since his landmark The Great Train Robbery (1903).

(This film synopsis is repeated on many web sites located on google)


South Street, Bishop's Stortford

Wrench Series No 6292

posted 1904

also noted uncoloured

South Street, Bishop's Stortford
Published by C & D Taylor, 31 Potter Street, Bishops Stortford

The Methodist Church (on the left) was erected in 1903.

C & D Taylor were stationers in Potter Street in 1926




Birthplace of Cecil Rhodes
Valentine Series JV 51271 (Photo 1905)
Mardon's series

Bishops Stortford Museum, South Road, is situated in two early Victorian houses, Netteswell and Thorley Bourne. The Rhodes family lived in Netteswell House from 1850-1874. 

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