Adjacent Parishes: Ayot St Lawrence, Ayot St Peter, Kimpton, Knebworth, Welwyn

It was in Cashio Hundred and the Hitchin Union

Codicote Church circa 1905
published by W. C. Smith, Codicote

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Title: Interior, St Giles' Church, Codicote - Publisher: ? - Date: Posted 1918

The Church of St Giles is an ancient edifice of flint in the Early English style, situated nearly half a mile from the village, and consists of chancel, clerestoried nave of four bays, south porch, south aisle, a small chapel ... called the Darce chapel, and an embattled western tower, containing a clock and six bells, dated 1782 and 1792; the church was restored in 1853, at a cost of £1800.

Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, 1902

Codicote is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, with the same spelling as at present, although there have been variations over the years. "Cote" is an early form of "Cottage" and The Place-Names of Hertfordshire suggests it was a Saxon name indicating Cüphere's cottage. (I cannot reproduce the phonetic marks in the book accurately or say how this should be pronounced.)

The "George and Dragon" Inn, Codicote

Card posted 1903

The George & Dragon: The Greyhound in 1481; but certainly an inn from 1279, when Laurence the Taverner occupied it. Its annual rent to the lord of the manor was four shillings and 2 capons. The present handsome building dates from about 1550; but when it became the George is unknown, probably at the rebuilding. Brought by Trust Houses Ltd. from Viscount Hampden, lord of the manor, in 1920; before that the lease to W. and S. Lucas, of Hitchin, brewers. It was here that recruits from Mid-Herts were enrolled to defend Hertfordshire from the Young Pretender in 1745. Unsupported tradition links it with a highwayman named William Page, executed at Hertford in 1758.  [from Hertfordshire Inns]

Codicote Church - postcard posted 1946

Eileen Barnes of Sidcup, Kent, writes: For 6 years during the war I lived in Codicote with W. Branch Johnson, author and local historian, as an evacuee. I remember him spending much research time at the Hertford Archives and with Reginald Hine. In 1948 he wrote a small booklet on the history of the village, of which he sent me a copy. I've just been re-reading it (having been watching "Christina" on TV) and feel sure it would be an interesting addition to a Codicote genealogist's armoury. There must be ancient copies somewhere.!

I haven't seen a copy but the title is The Codicote Story, from the parish chest and other stories, by William Branch Johnson.

There is also an active Codicote Local History Society which has a long list of publications - of which I have seen two by Nicholas Maddex - Beating the Bounds of Codicote (1986) and Codicote History Trail (1992).

The Bury, Codicote, Herts  

The Bury, Codicote, Herts

Posted Codicote 1907

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In 1908 John Leslie Hunter lived at Codicote Bury. The 1911 census shows him as a 38 year old stockbroker, born in Lancashire, married to Gertrude Caroline Hunter (33, born in Devon), with a 5 year old daughter born in Codicote, a visitor, and six resident servants.


Old Market Square, Codicote

posted 2 December 1908

  Old Market Square, Codicote

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