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A Walk around Hemel Hempstead
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Gadebridge Park



Hemel Hempstead

Title: The Bury Ruins, Hemel Hempstead - Publisher: ? - Date: posted 1903

Beyond the site of the former Bury, turn right to reach the parish church.

Gadebridge House, Hemel Hempstead   Iron Bridge over River Gade, Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead

Gadebridge House


The Iron Bridge over the River Gade

Detour to visit Gadebridge House

The Ford, Gadebridge Lane
card  (54946 JV), taken 1906

Gadebridge Lane
Hemel Hempstead

Chester Vaughan series
, posted 1904

The bridge in this picture is an earlier one to that shown in the Valentine postcard of 1906

Gadebridge Park
Hemel Hempstead

card  (54947 JV)

Taken from the footbridge, apparently on the same day in 1906 as the larger picture. The spire of St Mary can be seen in the distance.

Gadebridge Lane, Hemel Hempstead
Published by Tombleson, High Street, Hemel Hempstead, in the RA Series.

The picture shows the bridge built in 1915 over the ford to give access to the military camp during the First World War. [The London Gunners come to Town]

Sydney E Tombleson sold fancy goods at 52, High Street, and the card probably dates from the 1920s.

Gadebridge Army Camp, Hemel Hempstead - post card in George Day's Series
The Hutments, Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead (George Day's Series)

Message: The camp where Jim was stationed for 3 months, before going to France on July 18, 1917.

If you had turned left at the North end of the park during the First World War you would have reached the temporary military camp shown in the above card. It was first occupied about Easter of 1915, and the ford over the Gade was replaced by a bridge built under the supervision of my grandfather, Walter Locke. Towards the end of the war the camp became a hospital for treating soldiers with VD - and afterward was demolished as quickly as possible. Further details are published in The London Gunners come to Town.

In the 1912 Kelly's directory George Day is listed as "Fancy repository & news agent, 34 High Street"

At the North end of the Park turn right along this lane, and right again at the top, to enter the North end of the High Street.

You may also turn left for Piccotts End.

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