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Text:Clock Tower, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's series - posted 1914
A view from a building on the South side of the High Street showing the Clock Tower and twith French Row to your left and the start of the market place to your right.

Title: St Albans, French Row - Publisher: Photochrom Co Lts, Celesque Series C32959 - Posted 1916
French Row - a narrow alley to one side of the Clock Tower

Title: St Albans, French Row - Publisher: THe Wrench Series No. 6303  - circa 1910

Title: Market Cross, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's Series Crystoleum - date circa 1910    Title: St Albans, Clock Tower and Abbey - Publisher: Photochrom Co Ltd Celesque Series No 32958
The Lower End of the Market Place

Market Day, St Albans, by F G Kitton, circa 1900

The Market Place, by F. G. Kitton - undivided back post card circa 1902

see The Vanishing of Old St Albans

[DETAIL]  Title: Town Hall, St Albans - Publisher: Blum $ Degen Ltd "Kromo" Series 21532 - unsed but circa 1908
Looking South down the Market place - French Row is behind the cart.

Title: Market Place and St Peter's Street, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's Series JV 60060 - unused circa 1910
Looking North up the Market Place towards St Peter's Street. The Town Hall is the last building on the right, with the tower of St Peter's Church in the distance.

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