St Edmund's College

Old Hall Green

(in the parish of Standon, but the college is often described as being at Ware


The Terrace, St Edmund's  College, Old Hall Green
Bedwell Series Postcard, No 764, early divided back format suggest circa 1904

Catholic Church, Old Hall Green



About five miles from Ware, on the Cambridge road, in this parish, is St. Edmund's College, established for the education of the sons of the English nobility, clergy, and gentry, of the Roman Catholic religion. The building was erected in 1795, under the direction of Mr. James Taylor, architect, and consists of a range of buildings four stories high, and, with its two wings, three hundred feet long; more than eighty students can be conveniently accommodated. The course of education is commercial, classical, and theological: the institution is under the management of a president and vice-president, and there are eight professors and masters. The usual period for continuing at college is twelve years; the first seven are devoted to history, the mathematics, the ancient and modern languages, &c., and the remaining five are appropriated to logic, metaphysics, theology, and divinity. The occasion of founding this institution was the expulsion of the English Roman Catholics from their college in Douay, at the commencement of the French Revolution. 

Standon Entry in Topographical Dictionary of England 1831

Common Room, Allen House

Shrine of St Edmunds


Publisher P S Buchanan


Talbot and Challoner House, St Edmund's College


St Edmunds College,
Old Hall, Ware,
Divines Wing
Published by J. Russell & Sons, Wimbledon
Posted 1908


The Library
Photo Tourists Association, Turnham Green, W
Posted 1905


St Edmunds College,
near Puckeridge
Gordon Smith Publisher
Posted 1907


St Edmund's College, Old Hall, Ware
Published by Aero Pictorial Ltd, 139 Regent Street, London W 1.
No 674

The college still operates as a Catholic school, and there is a St Edmunds College web page, which includes some historical information about the school.

Title: St Edmunds College, Old Hall, Ware: St Hughs Prepatory School - Publisher: J Russell & Sons, Wimbledon - Date: 1920s?  

St Hugh's Preparatory School, St Edmunds College
Published by J. Russell & Sons, Wimbledon


Fire at the College, 1907?

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