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Clarendon Series


This page is being used to collect links to pictures by this photographer or post card publisher.

When I have an suitable number of examples the page will be reformatted with a supporting text.

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Publisher unknown - but they appear to all relate to Watford area (seat of the Earl of Clarendon).

The numbering suggests that they were published as one of a number of series for a national publisher.

Market Place, Watford - Clarendon Series, A 05086, circa 1903

Long Spring Lodge, Watford, Clarendon Series


Long Spring Lodge, Watford (Lord Essex)

Clarendon Series A 05089


Callow Land Farm, Watford -

Clarendon Series A 05090



Church Road, Watford

Clarendon Series   A 05091 - used 1912

Grove Mill [sic], Watford - Clarendon 05094, circa 1903


A Quiet Corner, Watford
"The Clarendon Series"
circa 1903


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