"Entirely British Manufacture"

This back is of interest because of the following series of "Bed-warmer" cards which show a connection with "F S"

While the format of the cards seem to remain the same the colour of the printing varies and the image is slightly modified.

Printed after outbreak of the Great War as some (especially the General) redrawn - perhaps because the original plates were in Germany

Do you want a bed warmer Sir?

F S Signed "F S"

[Back not seen]


Writing Space dot

[4 October 1912]


Postcard PC dot I 466

[12 October 1912]


Entirely British 918

Do you want a bed-warmer Sir?

 Other "Entirely British Manufacture" comic cards - some may be by "F S"

A soldier will follow his 'general' anywhere, but ...

Entirely British 825

[See also The General]


The Officers here are very nice. The General often asks me in to supper

Entirely British 827

[See also The General]


It's a soldier's duty to salute the 'General'

Entirely British 830

21 June 1917

[See also The General]

Will you come and join me?

Entirely British 23


When Adam went courting

I hope Eve will smile on my suit

Entirely British 916

[Also Numbered [PC II] 706]


When I arrested the prisoner. your worship, he became violent, and tore my uniform

Entirely British 920

[Also Numbered [PC II] 705]


"Did you hear of my Jack being killed"

"Yes I shall feel it very much for you"

Signed FP

Entirely British 719


He: "Last time I spoke to you I was in trouble."

She: "And so was I, you know."

Signed FP

Entirely British 720


Many a cook has lost her mutton talking to a copper

Signed FP

Entirely British 721

Oh constable, could you oblige me with a penny for two ha'pennies?

Entirely British 723



He: "I feel as if I could fight the world."

She: "Why, you can'f fight pussy."

Signed FP

Entirely British 724


"What a nice girl. The more I see of her the more I like her."

Signed FP

Entirely British 744

14 September 1916

Nobody's doing it!

Signed FP

Entirely British 750


"An Interesting Case on here - I'm working on it."

Signed FP

Entirely British 815


"Keep still, Cookey, don't wriggle and I think we will be able to manage it"

Signed FP

Entirely British 818

What more bally railings? What a long walk home it is to-night!

Entirely British 820

16 November 1916


Its hard to ask for a girl's hand and get her father's boot

Entirely British 848



CONTRASTS - When you're young the bottle keeps you quiet - When you're old it makes you d___ noisy!

Entirely British 906


CONTRASTS - In the country - a cow and calves - in the town - ditto!

Entirely British 907



CONTRASTS - A Man swanks if his father is a General - But you bet he'll keep it dark if his mother is one!

Entirely British ?909

23 February 1918

You can find a girl at almost any watering place - but there are exceptions

Entirely British

[no number - also with 910]



Mistress: "Mary, why have you been such a long time making the bed?"

Mary: "Well you see, Mum, the Master was in it!"

Entirely British 911


"Mary, I want you to clean the Old Master"

Mary Obeyed Instructions

Entirely British 914

Master: "Mary, I want you to warm my bed to-night"  Mary: Excuse me Sir. I don't intend to warm any man's bed till I'm married!"

Entirely British 915


Once they were always together - but now they are living far apart

Entirely British 923


Two good reasons for the short skirt craze.

Entirely British 931