"Inland Germany" Group

"Inland Germany" Back


This Space may be used for

Inland communication.

The address only to be written here.

Printed in Germany [Stamp Box]

Publisher (if any) on left margin


All cards signed "F S"

Earliest reported August 1907


Except where indicated the following series were not republished with a different back


No Publisher

J Beagles

Blum & Degan

Gale & Polden

H Garner

London View Co Ltd

Woolstone Bros *


* With modified "Milton"

logo banner line

This group of cards were published in sets of 6, with the same back, are all signed "F S", and in many cases had a publisher's name printed on the left margin of the back. With the exception of The Law and Jobs - the cards were not republished - suggesting a different publishing arrangement to the cards with other "Inland Postage" backs, most of which were later republished.

The earliest known postal date is August 1907 and it seems clear that these cards were printed with the intention of either selling them with no publisher name, or with the "publisher" name added. They may be have been some of the lasest London View Co Ltd cards to be published - and the fact that some sets are not recorded until 1908 may indicate that they had been printed but not distributed at the time the company folded, and were later sold as bankruptcy stock.

Birthday Greetings

Earliest: August 1907

No Publisher; J Beagles; Gale & Polden; London View Co Ltd

Two cards reprinted with different text

Oh! Did he!

Earliest:  November 1907

No Publisher, Blum & Degan, Gale & Polden Ltd, H Garner,

London View Company Ltd


Earliest: ? 1907

No publisher, Beagles, B & D, H Garner, London View Co Ltd, Woolstone Bros.,

One variant back

On their Honeymoon

Earliest: August 1908

No Publisher, H Garner, London View Co Ltd



Single "F S" cards with same back
Single unsigned cards with same back could be "F S"???
Signed cards with same back - NOT "F S"