"Number Only"


It has been noted that a number of "F S" cards with this very simple back appeared in about 1913/4, together with other cards in the "F S" style - and many more by other artists. The idea of the following thumb collection is to try and map out the reference number ranges which might be "F S" related cards.


There are two main families of back involved

[PC II]    POST CARD with double vertical dividing line

[PC. I]    POST CARD.  with single vertical dividing line




Every Picture tells a Story






132  Life is one damn thing after another


133 He: "What are you thinking of, Darling" She: "Of you, Dear"



134 She: "I've oiled the little cylinder, Dear"

He: "Cylinder be blowed! That was my ear!"

30 July 1914  [PC II]



135 A good opening for a lazy man




139   Every picture tells a story

"Sorry I'm all behind!"

13 June 1914 [PC II]


140 Ma, Buy me that one with the long legs and fancy drawers



Every Picture tells a story

Now Showing


Post Card PC II No 144



147 (FS)

Lucky Washee Man



153 Every Picture tells a story

Signed "F S"

Number only Back 153



154 Marriage at first is all "billing and cooing" Then the cooing stops - but the billing goes on for ever!

June 1914  [PC II]


156  When you're first married you call her "Kitten" and she purrs. Ten years later you call her an old cat and she scratches.



A Safe Deposit drawing big interest

4 July 1914

15 October 1914




Is marriage a failure?

No it is a howling success



In our office

Our office boy will soon get a rise!





Is business bad?

Get married and you will soon have a pushing concern!



Sea-side Weather

Wet - and close




In our Office

We are good at French and shorthand and are very familiar with the typewriter





When the Skipper said "Heave To," we all obeyed the order!

[PC II] 4th August 1914




If you are hard up GET MARRIED and you will soon learn to make ends meet!




Are you BALD? GET MARRIED - and you will soon have a little heir!



In our office

we are engaged in an absorbing business




I'm Leaving





I hear you are looking for an opening - I can recommend these


203   Wife: "Why don't you hang uo my portrait?" ... ...



The Soldiers are down here for their usual manoeuvers!


208 The 'General' isn't pleased with the result of the Military Manvres!





The Winning Post and a bottle of Port. My word what combinations

20 February 1914 




Mary had a little calf

Split skirts were all the go

So everywhere that Mary went

That calf was bound to show

5 August 1914



Heaven help the sailor on a night like this!



222 Do send a line as to your whereabouts!




224 We don't like the Colonel but we love the General


see also The General



"Pick out your old woman, Charlie, and I'll have one of the other two!"

25 August 1014


229  A soldier will follow his 'general' anywhere, but ...

[PC II] see also The General


230   I shall see something soon if they don't turn the gas out!



240   It's a soldier's duty to salute the 'General'

[PC II]  22 October 1914

see also The Genera


244 I came down here on my week end, and it is very wet.




The only way to have a quiet time at ...




You can find a girl at almost every watering place

but there are exceptions

[PC II] 


253 Mistress "Mary, why have you been such time making the bed?"

[PC II] October 1914


257 "And yet some folk say they cant see anything in these slit skirts!"

 [PC II]


284 Maid: You do look bad, Sir - Shall I call the Doctor ...

[PC II] 


"I've been walking along these bally railings for two hours - Funny I haven't come to my front door yet!"



Landlord: "I see you are behind with the rent, Mr Smith.."

Mr Smith: "Yes, I must get the old woman to mend it."

6 December 1914


292 Widower: "Ah, It's hard to lose your wife!"  Married Mann "Hard! Why it's bally well impossible!"


293  Mistress: "Mary, why have you been such a long time making the bed?"  Mary: "Well you see, Mum, the Master was in it!"

( Also Entirely British 911)



"Well, Herbert, if i were a girl I'd be ashamed to show my legs like that!"



"Ah, Percy dear, no matter what awful dangers the world may contain, I feel safely hidden from them when your strong arms are round me.



331   Where ignorance is bliss




Please write soon -- I'm waiting for the males!


340 Ring up my wife and tell her I shall be doing some overtime tonight!





434B   Sometimes it's warmer in the shade than in the sun. 


570B The Maiden Cats Prayer

O Lord! Send me a Tom


604 Its a good job I had my mother with me!

[Also 604 B]  [PC i]

2 November 1913


607   Doctors Orders - Lung Trouble - Take plenty of walking exercise



609  Doctor's Orders - Something hot to be take at bed-time

[PC i]


610 Two minds with but a single thought Oh if they were only filled with husband!

Oh if they were only filled with wife!



611B   Doctor's Orders - Heart affected - Try the Seaside



614   Two's Company - Three's none !



615 B The Turning Point in a man's career



616  I wonder who's been at those drawers

 [PC II] 11 September 1913


617  There she is Bill. We'll just turn her upside down and tar her bottom

[PC i]

Girls will look at anything in trousers - but only married ones can look at this sort of thing




The old maid's prayer

626    [PC II]


Some one has been there before him

629 B   [PC II]




Last summer Mary was in the swing and her young man pushed her.

This summer Mary is doing the pushing.




The bare idea!

20 March 1915




647 Cabby, I'm afraid my bags are coming down. I want you to pu them up properly for me

8 March 1913.  [PC II]


649 B   When you are single you think you're the only one she's attached to: Married You find she has other attchments


650  When Johnny was in the country he used to chase cows -- and now in town he chases the calves

5 March 1913 [PC II]

651 I want to see more of you he said when first they met - he married the girl this morning - now he is seeing more, you bet



652 When you are Single you make the girl lots of presents - Married she makes you lots of presents.

   [PC II]



654 When You are Single you can't afford a carriage and pair - Married you have too.

   1913? - [ PC II]

[also 654 B]


Please Maam, Here's the railway porter come to take your bags off

656    [PC II]


Oh if only they were full of girl

657    [PC II]



I say Bill, I wish there was something in these drawers

658   18 September 1914  [PC II]

When You are Single - Married ...

659    [PC II]

29 August 1914


It's nice to come to a good understanding

664 [PC II]



If you please ma'am, will you come & pick out your husband - the rest of us want to go home

665 [PC II]


I saw these last night - are they yours

666  [PC II]

24 March 1914


Also Writing Space Series


Mary had a little lamb ...

667    [PC II]

See Fleas


Why Lucy didn't get the letter

668    [PC II]

This is where the milkman comes in

671    [PC II]

For other variations see The Milkman


Everybody's doing it! but some wish they had never done it!

676    [PC II]

3 August 1916


Everybody's doing it! except the stour copper and the fat cook

678    [PC II]







Can't make ends meet

686    [PC II]

also 715 [PC i]



Ah Maria  How Small

688    [PC II]

18 July 1913


Adversity aquaints us with strange bedfellows

Postcard PC II 694   See Fleas


Chase Me Girls

Postcard PC II 695

See Fleas


"We're Leaving today"

697 Down Here [PC II]


698 It is very hot Down Here

     [1913] [PC II]


It is very Close Down Here

699    [PC II]



It is very breezy Down Here! but I'm enjoying myself alright!

701     [PC II]



Want a new suit, Sir? Our lady assistant will measure you

703 [PC II]


Adam Dear, Is my leaf on straight?

704 [PC II]


When I arrested the prisoner. your worship, he became violent, and tore my uniform

705 [PC II]

When Adam went courting

I hope Eve will smile on my suit

706 [PC II]


[Also Entirely British 916]


Adam I hope you will never hide anything from me

707 [PC II]



Adam I Must have a new dress

708[PC II]


711 [PC ii] 

Oh George I do like the way you kiss 716  [PC II]

29 July 1913


Porter, Just keep an eye on my bags!

723 [PC II]


That bally kid can get a tart for a penny

725    [PC II]

"It's going to be a lovely night, Flo"

"Yes Jack - but mother musn't know"

726 B    [PC II]




The British Workman series

732 B    [PC II]

also 732 - 30 November1914





My word! If I catch you in an airship! I'd have your propeller!



Don't Worry, Ol' Man - I'm reduced to three ha'pence, but I don't care a damn!

746   [PC II]


Higher up there!

747   [PC II]

August 1914


Every Seat Filled

748   [PC II]

"Mary Dear, Could you lend me a copper?"

749     [PC II]



The seats in the gallery need re-upholstering

750     [PC II]

9 September 1913


Why don't you kiss me as you used to Dear?

751     [PC II]

20 Nov 1913

"He's mine! I saw first!"

753     [PC II]



You are bound to rise high in the world

760    [PC II]

13 November 1913


Offering his seat to a lady

761     [PC II]

August 1916

Cook wanted - Advertiser has vacancy that must be filled at once

764    [PC II]


The Policeman's Beat

765    [PC II]

[Also with soldier in kharki - back not seen - see The General]


I'm going to "see" with a sailor

770    [PC II]



Moses in the Bullrushes

772 [PC II]

3 August 1914

Please have you got a cigarette picture

880   [PC II]