"Number Only"


San-serif with dot [PC. I]

[PC. I]    POST CARD.  with single vertical dividing line

Stamp Box empty. Number bottom left.


has been noted that a number of "F S" cards with this very simple back appeared in about 1913/4, together with other cards in the "F S" style - and many more by other artists. The idea of the following thumb collection is to try and map out the reference number ranges which might be "F S" related cards.

These cards are virtually all unsigned - and appear to include different artists, but some are definitely by "F S." In most cases there appears to be only one card per number, with a few sets of six consecutive cards. but in some places cards from different sets seem to appear in random order.

Many of the cards have "Printed in Germany" on the left margin, and on some the number is followed by a "B" - in both cases cards are known with and without these additions.

Background Green Card is either signed "F S" or is a reprint of a card known to be by "F S" - including those listed in @@@@ as being by "F S." There will be a relevant link to the set.
Background Yellow Card can be linked to unsigned Crown Publishing cards, of are listed on the "Kilts" page
Background Grey Card (or obvious set) can be related to a different but relevant back. There will be a link to further information.
Background White Where appropriate I add a comment or link as to why the card could be relevant to "F S" (or is definitely not by him).

47  Good Fortune Smile on you this Christmas Tide  [PC. I]



"Conductor, I want to get off at Piccadilly."

"Lor, Mum, you couldn't get off there if you tried all night. The Elephant and Castle's more in your line

[PC. I]




I am getting a mouthful of freah 'air

[PC. I]




If you see this tonight It's Me

4 August 1915

[PC. I]



What a wonderful view Maria

[PC. I]




Don't Worry Miss - Limbs ain't no threat to me!

[PC. I]




"Mother said you're a fine bouncing baby so I'm going to see

[PC. I]



My love is truly Great

[PC. I]




"Jack says I am nice enough to eat - I wish this darned flea didn't think so too!"

[PC. I]



96 Have left the ship - coming home by rail [PC. I]



Adam: Before I wore trousers I kept all my valuables in this

[PC. I]




A Sailor.s bags are roomy at the bottom

[PC. I]

[18 December 1913]




Eve: "Not in that fig-leaf, Adam!"

[PC. I]




A sailor's life at sea is a very wet one - but he always comes ashore because he is so very dry

[PC. I]



The fig leaf has one advantage over Trousers. Eve couldn't go through Adam's pockets while he was asleep

[PC. I]



Said Adam: No trousers for me if you please. This fig-leaf of mine's a more sensible wheeze. ...

[PC. I]



I'll bet this fig-leaf costume will tickle Eve's fancy

[PC. I]

117 Hands wanted on trousers - Apply at the rear

[PC. I]


120 The Doctor ordered me away for a change

[PC. I]   [Known 1913]


If you want to get off

[PC. I]



Love - When a man is in love ...

[PC. I]



The old fashion of patches on the cheeks is coming into favour again

[PC. I]



418 After all a pair of breeks saves a man standin' in a draught

[PC. I] [2 May 1913] also 418B

Printed in Germany


419 I'd like some veal off those calves, Bai Jove

[PC. I] 20 Jan 1913; 1 July 1913

Printed in Germany


425 Father's got to stay indoors to hide his dirty shirt for mothers pinched his trousers to make a harem skirt [PC. I]

September 1912


426 Going away for a little sun and air!

28 June & 20 September 1913 [PC. I]

Redrawn version of known card - see Not a word to the wife


427 I like plenty for my money

9 August 1913   [PC. I] Also

13 May 1913 Printed in Germany

[PC. I]   could be ?? Crown Series


429 Someone has been there before him!  [PC. I]

Also Writing Space Series 3098

and Writing Space Printed in Germany


430 Advice to men in love - Don't marry a girl for her face alone

 [PC. I]  Printed in Germany


431.  Percy, If you don't stop pinching I'll scream

27 September 1913

[PC. I]  Printed in Germany)

432 Man came First and woman followed him  [PC. I]

Also 432 B  23 November 1913

Also Crown Series 2 No 1034



Only to see her face again

[PC. I]

Also Crown Series 2 No 1029


Mary Jane in the hands of the law

[PC. I]

23 July 1914


441 That'll make him sit up

[PC. I]   [also Printed in Germany


Oh George! He has seen it all!

[PC. I]  

Printed in Germany


445  The Explorer - can you wonder why the moon turned pale

[PC. I]



The Harem Skirt has stopped all this sort of thing

[PC. I]

447 Not in those Trousers

[PC. I]  Printed in Germany

3 July 1913

[Other backs known]



Never do behind one's back what you wouldn't do in front of one's face.[PC. I]  Printed in Germany


451 Darkness that can be felt

[PC. I]  Printed in Germany


452 You must conceal nothing from me  [PC. I]



453 Scots Wha' Owe!

[PC. I]  Printed in Germany

8 September 1912, 13 September 1913[Also Inland Post]



The boy stood on the burning deck,

His feet were all in blisters,

His knickers were burnt off his back

So he put on his sisters!

[PC. I]  Printed in Germany


456 If you break the engagement off don't expect the girl to return all the presents!

[PC. I]   Printed in Germany

[Compare with Breach of Promise Series]


England expects that every man this day will do his duty!

459  [PC. I]


462 B  Some popular Scotch 'airs

[PC. I]   Printed in Germany


464 Only to see her face again

[PC. I]    Printed in Germany

Also 464B

See Crown Series 2



You can't tell a man by his cloths, unless he is wearing a kilt.

  [[PC. I]

466 Do you want a bed-warmer Sir?

[PC. I]  

19 July 1913

[4 & 12 October 1912]

Also "F S" version

See Entirely British


467 There's mony a slip, twixt the peel & the pip


468 You're asking for it

8 August 1913

[PC. I]

470  Make Room for your uncle

[PC. I] Printed in Germany

31 July 1913 


474  It is very windy but I'm enjoying myself alright.  [PC. I]



Only 11/6 & it wont's talk back

12 September 1913 

 [PC. I]


477 PC: Here what are you doing ...

 [PC. I]  (Printed in Germany)

[also Writing Space]

480 Oh George! I think this place is ripping

[PC. I]  (Printed in Germany)


482 To the Pushing Young Clerk

[PC. I]  (Printed in Germany)

492   Use the sugar tongs Arry!!

Why it ain't ot, is it?

[PC. I]


496 A New Postal Order

Also Crown Series 1 No 1008

[PC. I]

509   What a Pity  H's Married

[PC. I]


517 Breach of Promise Series

Printed in Germany

16 August 1912  [PC. I]


534  Lucky Washee Man

[PC. I]

No signature

See Lucky


653 At the seaside its quite the thing to be photographed seated on a donkey  [PC. I]


Society Gossip - Major Mashem the noted 'dear' stalker is back in town

700  [PC. I]


Society Gossip - Lady Tatters was presented at court this morning

701  [PC. I]


Society Gossip - Lady Blueblud is spending a little time at her husband's country seat  [PC. I]

Society Gossip - Lady Hightone took a long tramp through the woods today

703 B

[PC. I]


Society Gossip - Lord and Lady Neverpay have left town, and the 'shooting' season is now on. Her ladyship is credited with some big bags.

705   [PC. I]


Won't you come and listen to our sermon on the prodigal son ...

707.   [PC. I]

[13  July 1913 with Printed in Germany]

[15 July 1913 without  Printed in Germany]

Also London View Co Ltd Writing Space


"Henry, It's twenty to one!"

"All ri. I'll have five bob each way!"

715 [PC. I]


While the housemaid is emptying the slops ...

718  [PC. I]

26 October 1913







Don't Worry - You'll strike something soon   -  Signed Reg Maurice

602 [PC. II]

Don't Worry - Something's bound to turn up   -  Signed Reg Maurice

603 [PC. II]


Don't Worry - Because its all off   -  Signed Reg Maurice

606 [PC. II]

I wish I was that Boy   -  Signed Reg Maurice

621  [PC. II]


The sea-weed smells very bad this year

626  [PC. II]



We've a fine big front here  -  Signed Reg Maurice 642  [PC. II]


Look Ma! That old cow has got some fine calves

644  [PC. II]


Oh Eve, What is it and where did you get it from

645  [PC. II]







433 If you've got a wife that nags get one of these patent gags[PC. I]


436B It is folly to suggest yhat men are descended from monkeys

[PC. I]

13 August 1913