"Number Only"

It has been noted that a number of "F S" cards with this very simple back appeared in about 1913/4, together with other cards in the "F S" style - and many more by other artists. The idea of the following thumb collection is to try and map out the reference number ranges which might be "F S" related cards.


There are two main families of back involved

[PC II]    POST CARD with double vertical dividing line

[PC. I]    POST CARD.  with single vertical dividing line




If you see this tonight It's Me

4 August 1915

(PC. I)


What a wonderful view Maria

(PC. I)



Don't Worry Miss - Limbs ain't no threat to me!

(PC. I)


My love is truly Great

(PC. I)

86 Jack says I'm nice enough to eat ...

(PC. I)



A Sailor.s bags are roomy at the bottom

(PC. I)


117 Hands wanted on trousers - Apply at the rear

(PC. I)


120 The Doctor ordered me away for a change

(PC. I)   [Known 1913]



If you want to get off

(PC. I)




Love - When a man is in love ...

(PC. I)


140 Ma, Buy me that one with the long legs and fancy drawers


154 Marriage at first is all "billing and cooing" ...



156  When you're first married you call her "Kitten"

(PC. I)


A Safe Deposit drawing big interest

15 October 1914




I'm Leaving






Heaven help the sailor on a night like this!



Pick out your old woman, Charlie ...

25 August 1014




I shall see something soon if they don't turn the gas out!



The only way to have a quiet time at ...

257 [PC II]



284 Maid: You do look bad, Sir - Shall I call the Doctor ...

[PC II] 


Landlord: "I see you are behind with the rent, Mr Smith.."

Mr Smith: "Yes, I must get the old woman to mend it."

6 December 1914





418 After all s pair of breeks saves a man standin' in a draught

(PC. I) [2 May 1913]



1 July 1913


426 Going away for a little sun and air!

20 September 1913 [PC. I]

427 I like plenty for my money

9 August 1913   [PC. I]   Also

13 May 1913 Printed in Germany

[PC. I]   could be ?? Crown Series??

429 Someone has been there before him!

Also Writing Space Series 3098


430 Advice to men in love - Don't marry a girl for her face alone

Printed in Germany

432 Man came First Him

Also 432 B  23 November 1913

Also Crown Series 2 No 1034




434 Only to see her face again

Also Crown Series 2 No 1029


433 If you've got a wife that nags get one of these patent gags[PC. I]

436B It is folly to suggest yhat men are descended from monkeys

[PC. I]

13 August 1913




439 Mary Jane in the hands of the law

23 July 1914


441 That'll make him sit up 


444 Oh George! He has seen it all!

Printed in Germany




456 _Printed in Germany


465B You can't tell a man by his cloths, unless he is wearing a kilt.

 [PC. I]



468 Do you want a bedwarmer Sir?

19 July 1913

470 Make Room for your uncle

476 Only 11/6 & it wont's talk back

12 September 1913 

  [PC. I]


477 PC: Here what are you doing ...

 [PC. I] (Printed in Germany)


496 A New Postal Order

Also Crown Series 1 No 1008

[PC. I]



517 Breach of Promise Series

Printed in Germany

16 August 1912 [PC. I]





Every Picture tells a Story


147 (FS)

Lucky Washee Man



153 (FS)

Every Picture tells a Story



Its a good job I had my mother with me!

604 [Also 604 B]  [PC i]

2 November 1913


Doctors Orders - Lung Trouble - Take plenty of walking exercise

607   [PC II]

Doctor's Orders - Something hot to be take at bed-time

609  [PC i]



Doctor's Orders - Heart affected - Try the Seaside

611B   [PC II]

Two's Company - Three's none !

614   [PC II]


I wonder who's been at those drawers

616   [PC II]



There she is Bill. We'll just turn her upside down and tar her bottom

617  [PC i]

Girls will look at anything in trousers - but only married ones can look at this sort of thing




The old maid's prayer

626    [PC II]

Some one has been there before him

629 B   [PC II]


647 Cabby, I'm afraid my bags

8 March 1913..

When Johnny was in the Country ...

650    [PC II]

5 March 1913

When You are Single - Married ...

654    [PC II]



Please Maam, Here's the railway porter come to take your bags off

656    [PC II]

When You are Single - Married ...

659    [PC II]

29 August 1914



666    [PC II]


Mary had a little lamb ...

667    [PC II]


Why Lucy didn't get the letter

668    [PC II]

This is where the milkman comes in

671    [PC II]

Also Vertigen Inland Postage


Everybody's doing it! but some wish they had never done it!

676    [PC II]

3 August 1916

Everybody's doing it! except the stour copper and the fat cook

678    [PC II]






Can't make ends meet

686    [PC II]



Ah Maria  How Small

688    [PC II]

18 July 1913

Chase Me Girls

695    [PC II]

Also Writing Space (with less fleas


It is very hot Down Here

698     [PC II]


It is very Close Down Here

699    [PC II]


It is very breezy Down Here! but I'm enjoying myself alright!

701     [PC II]






Want a new suit, Sir? Our lady assistant will measure you

703 [PC II]


Adam Dear, Is my leaf on straight?

704 [PC II]

When I arrested the prisoner. your worship, he became violent, and tore my uniform

705 [PC II]

When Adam went courting

I hope Eve will smile on my suit

706 [PC II]


Adam I hope you will never hide anything from me

707 [PC II]



Porter, Just keep an eye on my bags!

723 [PC II]


That bally kid can get a tart for a penny

725    [PC II]


The British Workman series

732 B    [PC II]





Don't Worry, Ol' Man - I'm reduced to three ha'pence, but I don't care a damn!

746   [PC II]

Higher up there!

747   [PC II]

August 1914


Every Seat Filled

748   [PC II]

The seats in the gallery need re-upholstering

750     [PC II]

9 September 1913

Why don't you kiss me as you used to Dear?

751     [PC II]

20 Nov 1913


You are bound to rise high in the world

760    [PC II]

13 November 1913

Cook wanted - Advertiser has vacancy that must be filled at once

764    [PC II]

The Policeman's Beat

765    [PC II]



I'm going to "see" with a sailor

770    [PC II]


Moses in the Bullrushes

772 [PC II]

3 August 1914


Please have you got a cigarette picture

880   [PC II]




Don't Worry - You'll strike something soon   -  Signed Reg Maurice

602 [PC. II]

Don't Worry - Something's bound to turn up   -  Signed Reg Maurice

603 [PC. II]


Don't Worry - Because its all off   -  Signed Reg Maurice

606 [PC. II]

I wish I was that Boy   -  Signed Reg Maurice

621  [PC. II]

The sea-weed smells very bad this year

626  [PC. II]



We've a fine big front here  -  Signed Reg Maurice 642  [PC. II]


Look Ma! That old cow has got some fine calves

644  [PC. II]

Oh Eve, What is it and where did you get it from

645  [PC. II]



Society Gossip - Major Mashem ...

700  [PC. II]

Society Gossip - Lady Tatters ...

701  [PC. II]


Society Gossip - Lady Blueblud ...

702   [PC. II]

Society Gossip - Lady Hightone ...

703 B   [PC. II]



Won't you come and listen to our sermon on the prodigal son ...

707.   [PC. II]

[Printed in Germany]

Also London View Co Ltd Writing Space

"Henry, It's twenty to one!"

"All ri. I'll have five bob each way!"

715 [PC. I]

While the housemaid is emptying the slops ...

718  [PC. II]

26 October 1913



653 At the seaside its quite the thing to be photographed seated on a donkey




?53 or ?63

Also Inland Post