Publishers "Corona" of London & Blackpool

This is an example of what turned out to be a false lead.

In researching the short-lived Crown Publishing Company of St Albans I looked at other companies publishing comic post cards with a crown connection which could have been and predecessor of the company - or a successor. This company has a crown as part of its loge, and has published a "Crown Series" of post cards. On the basis of the information collected here I have concluded that there is no connection with the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans. There is also no suggestion that tjey ever published any cards by Frederick Spurgin.

Corona Publishing Company, London - Coronation Series

The Corona  Publishing Company was set up in London at about the same time as the Crown Publishing Company closed down in St Alban.

These are examples of the type of cards produced in London in around 1909.


18 September 1909




9 July 1910



Corona Publishing Company, Blackpool - Coronation Series

The Company then moved to Blackpool and produced many cards up to and including the First World War Period. They produced card of different types including view cards - nearly all specifically linked to Blackpool or other North Western resorts including more in the Coronation Series.

Just arrived at Blackpool

By Gum! If we fell in, we'd make the sea rise that high it would wash Blackpool away

Just a line from Blackpool


Just come as you are to Blackpool

Having a glorious time. All I want is a man


I'm having a rollicking time at Blackpool

We've got jolly good apartments at Blackpool, but owing to the scarcity of beds we have to pu up in the bath.

The Promenade and Gardens, Blackpool

A. & E. Coppock, 48 Coronation Street, Blackpool

However there are serious problems in making  any association with the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans and the Corona Publishing Company of London.


The card on the left (Coronation Series 28) was posted in 1907 by A & E Coppock of 48 Coronation Street, Blackpool and used an almost identical logo. It would therefore seem that the London company was closely linked with the Blackpool firm and the "Coronation Series" relates to the Blackpool address.

My word if you're not off

No 107  "John Willie, Come On!"  



No 116  Our Cheeks have got quite rosy

It took me a long time to get me on but not so long to come off

10 August 1910

When first I met thee love, I held the closely to my heart. I cannot do so now alas, we're living too far apart.

Corona Publishing - 20 July 1914


No 21  Waiting for the Smacks

28 July 1908

The Crown Series  and Regal Series

I don't suppose I shall do it again for months and months and months

No signature


Crown Series No 1101

Posted 8 July 1916

Many of the Corona Publishing  Company's comic cards were in the "Regal Series" - but a small number of which were also issued in the "Crown Series" and the publisher shown as "CPC". I have not determined the relationship between the two series, but there is no evidence of any connection with the Crown Publishing Company in St Albans.

"CPC" was also used by the City Post Card Co. of London.


Artists used include Archibald English (A E) and Reginald Maurice (R M).

I don't suppose I shall do it again for months and months and months

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Corona Publishing Company, Blackpool

Regal Series 1101, Printed in England

Posted 11 June 1919

I am seeing more of the girls at Blackpool than I expected.

Signed "A E"

Corona Publishing Company, Blackpool

Regal Series 1028

Posteed17 July 1916

Oh what sights on the sands we see when the stormy winds do blow

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Corona Publishing Company, Blackpool

 Regal Series 2054

Posted 28 August 1917

It's nice to get up in the morning

but it's nicer to lie in bed

Signed "R M"

Regal Series 2003

19 July 1916

(also Crown Series)