Publishers "Corona" of London & Blackpool

This is almost certainly a false lead. The Corona  Publishing Company set up in London at about the same time as the Crown Publishing Company closed down in St Alban. These are examples of the type of cards produced in London in around 1909.


18 September 1909




9 July 1910

The Company then moved to Blackpool and produced many cards up to and including the First World War Period. They produced cardof different types including view cards - nearly all specifically linked to Blackpool or other North Western resorts including more in the Coronation Series.





However there are serious problems in making  any association with the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans and the Corona Publishing Company of London.

The card on the left (Coronation Series 28) was posted in 1907 by A & E Coppock of 48 Coronation Street, Blackpool and used an almost similar logo. It would therefore seem that the London company was closely linked with the Blackpool firm and the "Coronation Series" relates to the Blackpool address.

This, and the lack of any similarity of art style with "F S," means that there is no point in any further research in this direction.

No 107   



No 116    10