"M Ettlinger & Co"

Max Ettlinger started publishing post cards in 1902 and a limited company was formed in 1906 which ceased publishing by 1916. The company published a wide range of subjects, including novelty cards, and only a very small percentage of their output were comic cards. but included "F S" cards from The Law , Drink, and Soldiers sets as part of the "Royal Series" with the Ettlinger Logo.

M Ettlinger & Co. Ltd. E.C. & New York

Oh Law!

Signed "F S" Series No 5088

April 1908

[Set: The Law]

There goes my soldier boy

Signed "F S"

[Set: Soldiers]


Learning to play the Harp

Signed "F S" Series No 5104

19 June 1907

[Set Drink]

Other Ettlinger comic & greetings cards of about the same date

Posted 1906


by Reg Carter


Posted 1909