"J Mandel & Co"

For a brief period in 1906 and 1907 this London-based company was issuing post cards, and was apparently linked to the firm of Mandel & Salomon, Incandescent Mantle Factors, of 119 Houndsditch, London, EC.  It sold cards from "F S" Early Saxony backed sets, with its name added. but otherwise is of no special interest.

The Law

Good Pie, Little Girl, Good Pie

?? November 1906

The Police Inspect 'er



The 20th Century Slavey

18 May 1907




Waiting for the Mails

12 December 1906



New Leaf

It is never too late to turn over a new leaf

1 January 1907

It is not difficult to turn over a new leaf

Other Cards issues by J Mandel & Co



Back with a very distinctive logo





The Mother's Kiss



The Policeman's Kiss

[11 August 1906]


The Honeymoon Kiss




Poet's Corner, Manchester

Multum in parvo by Geo Davey

A number of J Mandel's cards were published in the "London Series" with a very distinctive back including the Phoebos-Apollon logo...


There is also a series of sports cards, such as these, with more normal backs

A Hot Scrimmage

After the Ball

Well Served