Regent Publishing Co

See Byatt for long account of the company - "F S" is listed as one of artists

A quick online ebay search showed many comic cards published after the First World War, perhaps half by Reg Maurice, but far less before it. In addition to the "F S" cards listed below Donald McGill was another early artist (See The Motorist's Trials).

I Don't Think

Signed "F S"

[Father hit fingers laying carpet - no rude words]

"I don't think Series"

The Regent Comic Series No 900

R P Co. London N W

6 April 1908


They love me cause I'm blind

Signed "F S"

The Regent Comic Series Nr. 904. R. P. Co., London N.W.

(Early Saxony)

October 1907

Standing up for women's rights

Signed "F S"

Where there is a Woman Series

The Regent Comic Series Nr. 905. R. P. Co., London N.W.

(Early Saxony)


Outstanding Queries
  1. Simply monitor for any other cards produced by the company - but low priority as clearly not a major actor on the post card scene..
Other Cards

Wot a blessing they were dry enough to put on

Signed Reg Maurice

Regent Series No 4376

The Regent Publishing Co Ltd, London N W 1