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Advice to ... about to get married

Advice to Fellows at the Seaside

      No examples seen
Advice to Girls at the Seaside -

Advice to Men in Love - Probably "F S"


Affinity - Probably "F S" USA

Birthday Greetings -

Breach of Promise Series - Unsigned "F S"


Dear Hubby - Probably "F S" USA


Dear Wifey - Probably "F S" USA


Every Picture tells a story - Signed "F S"


Hair - Signed "F S"   ???????


Hints on Dress - Signed "F S"


Honeymoon - Signed "F S"


Kiss me under the Misletoe - Signed "F S"


Leap Year: No Wedding Bells for Me - Probably "F S" USA


Lucky - Signed "F S"   ????????


Mistakes Will Occur - "F S"


Novelty Pullout - Signed "F S"


Oh! Did He - Signed "F S"


Sailor Jack - Signed "F S"


Saucy Little BirdProbably "F S" USA


Scottish Series

      No examples seen

Soldiers - Signed "F S" 


Shop & Office Workers  - Signed "F S" 

Take a Friend's Advice - Signed "F S"

Tommy - Signed "F S"


Turkish - Signed "F S"


Who said Liar - Signed "F S"

Xmas Cards with Holly Box - Some signed "F S"

No publisher - Inland Postage

H Vertigen & Co - Inland Postage

24 December 1907  
Christmas Box Christmas Morn Pleasant Things Christmas Day