"Kute Kiddies"


The "Kute Kiddies" set is unsigned and the earliest date recorded is October 1909. What is definite is that at sometime between 1907 and 1911 Spurgin started drawing cards with round faced children in the general style of cards by Grace Gebbie Weiderseim and by 1911 Spurgin was producing a number of sets, also including round-faced children. It seems very likely that this set was also drawn bt Spurgin and the case is argued in detail on the page Round faced children cards.

Monday's Child is fair and pretty, Modest, loving, sweet and witty.

No 601


Merry, joyous, blithe and gay, The gladsome Child claims Wednesday

No 603


Thursday's Child is born to woe. But sadness makes us love her so.

No 604

Friday's Child has charities, Love and noble qualities.

No 605






We're afraid to go home in the dark

No 608

Dear Lord - If you are still making little boys. can't you change me into one?

No 609   11 August 1911


I wants you to be my girl.

No 610

8 October 1909



The Country's Safe

No 611

15 November 1909


Sale Now On! Everything Down

No 612

May &  August 1910

A cover for Dolly's Sitting Room

No 613

23 Oct 1909


The Last Round

No ???


Here endeth the first lesson

No ??

It's a bit off.

No 620

7 March 1910


The Girl who took the wrong turning

No 621


Mary went a-rinking with her little bear behind

No 622

3 August 1910



Skates Off

No 625  Nov 1910




Father's pride & mother's joy

No 627


Not a word to mother

No 628




No 631

August 1910


Guess where the bananas are?

No 632

13 February 1910


A stitch in time saves sawdust

No 633

March 1910, July 1910

Two's company

Three's too many

No 634

10 February 1910,  June 1911



No 635

September 1910


Mother & Child Doing Well

No 637

October 1911


Now will you be good

No 638

August 1911

Hold Your breath

No 639



No 640

August 1910


Come into the bathtub Maud

No 641  14 March 1910


Puffed up

No 642

Adam & Eve (The True Version)

No 643

31 August 1910