"Platino Series"

and other uncoloured children photocards published by:

London View Co. Ltd.

The London View Company appears to have started to publish post cards showing pictures of children in 1905 and continued with a different series after it became a limited company in 1906. The Platino Series was produced at the end of 1906, after the restriction relating to overseas postage had been removed.

Platino Series back

London View Co.   With simple title

Early Saxony back - so 1905 or early 1906


The Little Shrimper


London View Co. Ltd.  With title in scroll box

Inland Postage   back 1906/7

Do buy my Pretty Flowers.

13 January 1907

Tis very hard work

.20 January 1907

Pussy is vey ill

? March 1911

In rags and tatters

E. S. London  No.. 4014

The existence of these cards, showing the same girl on the same photo shoot, but different backs and a different arrangement for the title, suggests that the images may well have been produced by another company but sold with the London View Co. Ltd. name as the publisher.

Please give me a copper, sir.

The Star Series  G. D. & D., London

Pictorial Postcard Co. Ltd.

Gottschalk, Drefus & Davis   

London View Co. Ltd.  Platino Series 500

Platino Series back 1906/7


Posted 18 July 1907

Posted 11 June 1908

London View Co. Ltd.  Platino Series 502

Platino Series back 1906/7

27 Dec 1906

8 July 1908

October 1907

London View Co. Ltd.  Platino Series 503

Platino Series back 1906/7


18 June 1907



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