Genealogy in Hertfordshire

Key Genealogy Topics

The following topics include general advice which could usefully be read by most visitors to the site.

For information on things such as parish registers, census return, trade directories, etc., look at the "How to ..." page,

Following the reorganisation of menus, changes will be made in this area

My Ancestors emigrated from Hertfordshire ... and the information you may need to help identify your Hertfordshire ancestor

Right Name, Wrong Body - examples of why you shouldn't shout "Eureka" when you find a matching name.

I've hit a brick wall ... - Don't keep banging your head against it

The Dangers of Internet Genealogy - or why you should check what you are told.

The Limitations of the IGI and familysearch - or why your ancestor is not listed there

How can you be certain about ...

Visiting Hertfordshire to look for Ancestors - preparations before your visit

Sources and Reliability

The Policy on Living People  - A restriction on 20th century questions.

A Letter to a Beginner in Family History

Why I didn't answer your Question

Other topics, often on very specific subjects, are listed under general topics - but I would normally expect you to locate them using the "Find" facility when you ask a question to which their content is relevant.