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Many Genealogy web sites are continually being updated and it is impossible for me to monitor all these changes. You should therefore visit this web site to discover the facilities currently offered.


This is a weekly newspaper which has just changed into a tabloid format, also has an online site. It has a news and information site a nostalgia column.

At the time of writing this web page the "Remember This?" section contained a number of requests for information including the following two:

DID any of the Bleak House Land Girls settle in or around St Albans, and if so, how do they remember their time in the war and their vital work in keeping Britain farming?

SPIELPLATZ, Britain's first nudist colony, was opened in Bricket Wood in 1930. At one time there were more than a dozen such camps in Bricket Wood. Do any local historians know why naturism took off in such a big way here? Are there any pioneering spirits who joined in the movement, and what were the social attitudes at the time?

The "Reflections" section contains memories of working in a ribbon factory that closed in the 1960's, while there are "Reunions" and Tracing People" sections. Submissions to the column may be made online.

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