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See Watford Observer for the history of the newspaper

The Watford Observer is a weekly newspaper, based on Watford which has an active online web site which includes news and current activities. However it has a particularly active "Nostalgia" column.

It has a section "Remember This?" where people ask questions which are mainly about people and events within living memory - but are sometimes about old buildings, etc. For example, at the time of posting this there is information about the fig tree that grew out of a tomb in Watford Church yard which died in the cold winter of 1962/3, together with stories about who was said to have been buried there.

Another section is about tracing people which is useful if you want to trace a former friend or relative. It is run in association with other Hertfordshire newspapers and currently the data dase has over 600 entries with the ability to add your own request online.

In addition, at the time of posting the paper published "Reflections" about the R101 airship and a "Casebook" about James Henratty.

The paper prints occasional supplements - sometimes with a historical theme and the following are detailed on this web site:

Watford at the turn of the century (1900-1909)

There is a web site for Watford

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