Meet the

There is a lot of behind the scenes work in running a web site of this size.

On a day to day basis there is the business of updating old pages - either adding new data, correcting errors, or adding new links. Where pictures are involved this may involve scanning, and photo-editing to improve the visual quality, and preparing any thumbs or details as appropriate. Sometimes text has to be scanned with an optical character reader, and the resulting text needs editing into a suitable format for use on a web page, This is done off-line and needs to be checked to ensure that the changes work. When a number of pages have been prepared they are then loaded onto the operational version of the web site and the changed tested.

Web maintenance is a regular task - using the software to find any broken links - either within the web site, or to external web sites which are no longer working. In addition there are many pictures, scanned in the early years of this site, which are no longer up to standard.

In addition there are a number of technical pages which relate to the running of the site - for instance the Ask Chris and Tell Me pages - or which report errors or warnings. It includes the charity pages - and the production of scanned high resolution digitised images in return for donations.

However the most demanding tasks relate to managing the increasing size of the web site, looking at ways in which the site can be modified to ensure that it provides improves user facilities, with easy access to all relevant pages.



Page created December 2008