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Many of the pages on this web site contain references to people's names, places and occupations and it is just not possible to manually index them all. It has therefore been decided to use FreeFind which is a search engine which indexes the site in a similar way to other search engines - and given one or more search terms comes up with a list of web pages that contains the term(s). The Search engine works best with single words - For instances, if you want St (or St. or Saint) Albans look for "Albans".

In choosing search terms remember that it will be looking for exact matches and you should consider looking for alternative spellings - for instance Berkhamsted (modern spelling) is often spelt Berkhampstead in old records and some modern indexes.

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If you get multiple hits on your search using the "Back" facility on your browser will be quicker than repeating the search.

The site is indexed by and some other global search engines. If you enter the site in this way there should be links at the top or bottom of the page which will get you back to the home page and the menu.

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