The Exploring Family History Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


These tutorials are currently under construction and if you have any comments, suggestions or problems with them please tell me so that I can make appropriate improvements.

Comments about what works will be particularly appreciated.

Why are some words in Blue?

Words in blue are links to other pages of information on this site or on the World Wide Web. The link (view) is used to take you to the tutorial page where the information was originally recorded.

I want to try out the examples on familysearch, Ancestry, FreeBMB, etc., while doing the tutorial?

A list of external web sites can be accessed from the Key Web Sites entry on the tutorial menu. Selecting the web site you want will open that web site in a new window, leaving the tutorial window open.

Why does this tutorial concentrate on Hertfordshire examples?

This tutorial is part of the Hertfordshire Genealogy web site. However most of the examples still apply for other parts of England.

Why do I find myself on the Hertfordshire Genealogy site when I select "Home"?

This tutorial shares pages on the Hertfordshire Genealogy web site  and the "Home" box at the bottom of each shared page takes you to the parent site home page. You should use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the tutorial where you left it.

Page updated June 2008