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The Impossibles


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Picture from
The Postcard Detective


A small amateur team

But exactly where was it based?


The card was produced by

Harry R. Cull, 169 St Albans Road, Watford

Photographer & Picture Frame Maker


So presumably somewhere near Watford


Can you provide the full names of any of the team members?

 with ages and addresses?

Tom Saunders

G Wilson          W. Leach

L Austen       W Spicer       F Linney

F Lee   W Clark   G Warner   B Collins   L Dean


My interpretation of the names.




What was the official name of the Club?

A check of the 1911 census (not available when this was first posted) shows that 6 of the 11 named players appear to have lived in the Callowland area of Watford, including 3 in the Leavesden Road. Bearing in mind their ages - and the 10 year gap between the census and the photograph this is a very good fit, as it is likely that most of the others moved (possibly after getting married) during the intervening years..  It suggests that the "The Impossibles" was a local team in the Callowland area of Watford, lying between the St Albans Road (where the photographer was based) and the main railway line north of Watford.


Thomas Saunders, 63 Leavesden Road, Watford (1899, Gubblecote, Tring)

G Wilson

William Sansom Leach 11 Salisbury Road, Watford (1903, Watford)

L Austen

William Frank Spicer, 5 Leavesden Road, Watford (1904, Watford)  

Fredrick Linney, 22 Leavesden Road, Watford (1893, Watford)

F Lee

Wilfred Edmund Clarke, 59 Sussex Road, Watford (1896, Kensal Rise, London)

G Warner

B Collins

Alfred Leonard Dean, 42 Copsewood Road, Watford (1899, Mayfair, London)

January 2014   Identificaton of the players