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Henry Robert Cull (1868-1957) was born at Ventnor, Isle of White, the son of John Cull, attorney managing clerk, and Jane Frances Webb.  His mother died in 1871 and by 1881 his father, a solicitor's general clerk was living in Chesham, having married his late wife's sister, Mary Ann C Webb, in 1877.

In 1891 he was living at 32 & 34 Crisp Street, Poplar, London as a grocer's assistant, marrying Emily Maud Tatchell in 1897 (registration district Mile End Old Town). Their first two children were born in Chesham, but by the 1901 census the family had moved to 17, Salisbury Road, Watford, where Harry was an ironmonger.  By 1908 he is listed as a picture framer, of 169 St Albans Road, Watford, where he and his family were living at the time of the 1911 census.

Watford Field School - Football Team - 1905/6 - by Cull

Watford Field School Football Team 1905-6

Photo by H. Cull, St Albans Road, Watford

Printed by Acme

(Acme Tone Engraving Co. Ltd., Watford, Photo Engravers & Printers, 1908)

Most of the post cards I have seen so far are of large posed groups, particularly soldiers in the First World War. The first I have recorded was negative number 85 from 1912, suggesting he had not been taking photographs for very long. In September 1914 he was only up to negative 337. Six months later (after the outbreak of war) his photographs of the London Territorial Regiments had reached at least negative number 3505. Photographs of the Isle of Wight Regiment, who were in Watford between May and the time they went to Gallipoli later in 1915, are also known. Some post war pictures are known. He was still listed as a picture framer, of 169 St Albans Road, Watford in Kelly's Hertfordshire Directory until 1933. His death is listed at Watford in 1957.


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Please tell me if you know of other post cards by H R Cull, especially if they are numbered, dated, or involve known military units.

Also tell me if you can identify any of the people in the photographs.



Sunday School Party

Negative No 65

The picture shows a large group of adults and children in their Sunday best, many wearing straw hats, and some holding bouquets of flowers. It has the following message on the back:

Willie and Louis taken at the Sunday School Outing, 1912

The picture could be taken anywhere in the Watford area, but may be a outing from the London area visiting Bricket Wood. The trees suggest a summer date is likely.


Note on back of card

Watford Fete - Cassiobury Park - 1914

Real Photograph Number 247

The negative umber suggests he was taking no more than 4 photographs a week  - but the number would have increased enormously once war broke out and the demand for pictures increased rapidly.


In the middle of August 1914 the 2nd London Division (Territorial Force) marched to war stations with their headquarters in St Albans.

Army Sunday Service


Negative No 337


Posted in Kings Langley

25th September 1914

by William Wyatt to his mother [image]

Mrs Wyatt, 75 Drayton Road, Harlesdon NW

The 1911 census shows that William David Thomas Wyatt was born in the Chelsea area in 1896/7, the son of David Charles Wyatt, Engineers Machinest, and Emily. He appears to have survived the war.


In the Gade Valley at the time there were three infantry battalions, the 13th (Kensington), 14th (London Scottish) and 15th (Civil Service Rifles). If we assume that William was in one of them the Sunday service was almost certainly based in or near Kings Langley.

  This picture, by Harry Cull (negative number 1041) was supplied by Helen Campbell. Her grandfather was Pte Vincent Lamb and he kept the picture on his desk.It shows soldiers on the RAMC, with horse, and if Vincent is in the picture he must be the man with his back to the camera.

7th City of London Regiment

Negative No ?1984?

but 3505 (pencil on back)


The cap badge identifies the 7th City of London Regiment. In the Autumn of 1914 three infantry battalions were sent to France, and were replaced by the 6th, 7th and 8th battalions. They moved to Hertfordshire at the beginning of November, 1914 and most of these men would have gone to France with the rest of the Division in March 1915.


The Impossibles Football Team, 1920/21

No negative number


Click on picture for more information, including the names of the footballers, and a bigger image.


The Z Team - Tug of War

Negative 15A K

Same name/address stamp as above


What is the team? Where is it/

and When?


Tug of War, Watford, 1920s?, by Cull

Check List of Numbered/Dated  WW1 Post Cards

No Post Card Description Date
337 Army Sunday Service

Posted in Kings Langley

25th September 1914

August- September 1914
670 No larger image available 13th London Regiment (Kensingtons) August 1914-March 1915
1083 London Scottish Territorial Troops in a rural billet, alsmost certainly Abbots Langley, Herts, August/September 1914. London Scottish

My date assumes 1st line troops as the 2nd line troopsdid not come to Watford until April 1914.

August-September 1914?

1152 or


London Scottish

If the number is correct (it might just be 1152) this would suggest these were 2nd line troops, perhaps recruits after the war was declared.

August-September 1914?
1500 No larger image available 6th City of London Regiment November-December 1914
1984? watford-military-ww1-03 7th City of London Regiment November-March 1914?
2081 WW1 1/8th Hampshire Regiment by gates of Cassiobury Park, Watford, 1915,  photographer H R Cull Hampshire Regiment at the gates to Cassiobury Park, Watford May-July 1915
3190 Isle of Wight Regiment soldiers outside billets at Watford, Summer 1915 Isle of Wight Rifles - see other pictures (unnumbered) including several identified views of Watford. May-July 1915
3356 watford-military-ww1-05 Soldiers outside tent, unidentified unit 1915?
6080 Royal Field Artillery 1915/6?

The Derbyshires (2/6 Battallion, Territorials)

For details of their stay at Watford, and other Watford photographs see

Derbyshire Territorials in the First World War

August 1915-April 1916

West Kent Regiment

(Non-commissioned officers and men)

8073 Infantry, ww1, post card by Cull, Watford, London Regiment, Middlesex Regiment

Middlesex Regiment & City of London Rifles (1, 2, 3 or 4th Brigade) and perhaps the London Rifle Brigade (5th City of London Rifles)


Might be the London Rifle Brigade (5th City of London Rifles) 1916??

Middlesex Regiment and A N other,


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