The Early History of Machine Paper-Making 

by A. J. Ward


Subject Index

Paper Making

Dacorum Heritage Trust, 2003 (2nd edition) 3.00

The Gade valley was very much in the forefront of machine papermaking, and in 1803 Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier leased the Frogmore Mill and they installed a early French-designed machine for making paper. However by 1805 they had installed a greatly improved machine, designed by Donkin. This was greatly improved in the following years and the design has been widely used in paper-making.

This informative booklet looks at the history of machine paper-making in the Hemel Hempstead area, and of the people involved in the design and use of the Fourdrinier machine. It has been updated and reissued to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Fourdrinier paper making and to document one aspect of the major museum developments associated with "The Paper Trail" at Apsley.

For an example of the information it contains see WARRELL, Two Waters, Paper maker, early 19th Century