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Mechanised paper making started in the Gade Valley, Hemel Hempstead, in the beginning of the 19th century, and continued through virtually all of the 20th century. There is now a Heritage Site called The Paper Trail at Apsley, which has a 100 year old Fourdrinier paper making machine.

General Sources for Paper Making

Paper Mills and Paper Makers in England 1495-1800


Paper Making in the Gade Valley


The Early History of Machine Paper-Making

A Visit to the Paper Trail

The Endless Web

Frogmore & the First Fourdrinier

Paper Makers of Hemel Hempstead in 18th century

Sale of Paper Mill at Kings Langley, 1770 (Nash Mills)

HOWARD, Hemel Hempsrtead, late 18th century.

WARRELL, Two Waters, Paper maker, early 19th Century

NASH, Frogmore Mill, Hemel Hempstead, Early 19th century

Nash Mills - The Endless Web Revisited (pdf)

 But Where is Doo Little?

John Dickinson's Paper Works: WW1 casualties

Paper and Papermaking: An A-Z of People, Places and Terms

Paper Pioneers

John Dickinson and the Brandywine

DRG: The Paper People and related interview (YouTube links)


Other Hertfordshire Papermakers

Paper Makers, Hatfield, circa 1790

Sarratt Paper Mill

George Austin, Solesbridge Mill

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