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Apsley & Nash Mills in Camera

by Peter Ward and Ray Lacey

Quotes Ltd, 1989, ISBN 0 86023 352 9

Hardback, 15.5*21 cm, 80 pages, photographs with brief text commentary

This book, like others in the series, contains a good selection of local views. Not surprisingly many of the photographs relate to John Dickinson's paper mills and their employees, although several relate to G. B. Kent, the brush makers. 

The above shows a group photograph of Great War ex-servicemen belonging to Kent's Warriors Club in 1920. Back Row: G Solsbury, T. Malin, R. Roberts, J. Wallington, G. Townsend, J. Hodges, A. Franklin, S. Baines, S. T. Everitt, F. Glover, F. Harmon. Third Row: S. Dean, S. Spurr, A. Hodgson, A. Bruce, H. Brinklow, W. T. Dodd, G. Maple, A. Lee, H. Charge, A. Butler, A. Sear. Second Row: R. W. H. Roberts, P. Webb, W. Lee, W. Rolph, S. Owen, J. Rittman, H. Pipkin, F. Hall, A. Strange, A. C. Payne, W. Holmes. Front Row: W. Spurr, A. Scott, A. Brigginshaw, W. Humphreys, W. England, A. Fowler, P. C. Kent, C. Gower, L. Ashwell.

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