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Books on Hertfordshire

Locating Books

The following pages are available on this web site to help you:

It should be noted that some key old books can be very expensive. Copies of the second edition of Chauncy are currently listed at over 1000 and you could expect to pay around 750 for Cussans. One bookseller recently asked 3500 for Clutterbuck, although cheaper copies are available. 

At the other end of the scale  a number of books and  booklets, produced by a variety of organisations  rather than by regular book publishers, can be very hard to locate, and may have been produced in small numbers. This includes societies reports, church guides, histories of local companies, and such like. They are the kind of thing you might find in a box of miscellaneous booklets at 1 each on the corner of a booksellers stall at any book fair. The problem is the one you really want is never there! For instance, when I wrote Tring in 1947 I had hoped to locate a copy of the town guide produced in that year. The Council minutes say 500 were printed but I have been unable to locate one of them. For some society reports and privately produced histories the original print run may be less than 50 and distributed to members only, with no copies to the copyright or other libraries.

The page Looking for Books gives examples of online searching for books.

I do not provide a book finding service, but when I update a book page I currently run a quick search and add a note if I find a copy advertised for sale online. This is for guidance only. The absence of such a note does not mean that the book is not available. The presence of such a note does not guarantee a copy.

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Last updated August 2007