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The Story of

St. Albans

Elsie Toms

Abbey Mill Press, 1962

Hardback, 22*15 cm, 208 pages, 26 illustrations and 4 maps

CONTENTS: Britons and Romans; St Alban. The Saxon Monastery;  The Norman Abbots; Life in the Abbey in the Early Middle Ages; The Abbey in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries; Some Great Abbots; The Last Years of the Monastery; Life in Medieval St Albans; The Break-up of the Abbey Lands; St Albans becomes Self-Governing; Sir Francis Bacon; Seventeenth Century St Albans; Whigs and Tories; Life in St Albans in the Early Twentieth Century; From 1835 to the End of the Nineteenth Century; St Albans in the Early Twentieth Century; St Albans after the First World War; Recent History; Bibliography; Abbots of St Albans; Index.

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